Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day !

3 2 1 Cake
I wanted to share this awesome dessert with you all.
Quick and easy to make and it taste soooooo good !
I got the recipe from Betty Brett on her Ustream class.

This is what it looks like done
What you will need to make the 321 Cake -
1- box of Angel food cake mix
1-box of any flavor cake mix you like
( I used lemon)
Don't use the cake mix that has pudding in it
In a large zip lock bag mix the 2 cake mixes together.
blend together well !
Thats it !
Next choose your coffee  cup of choice !
In this cup place-
3- tablespoons of the mix
2- Tablespoons of water
Now, stir well with a fork.Place cup in the microwave for 1 -Minute
Now......its done !

 I added Strawberries ( cut them up small so they  fit nicely in your cup)
You could also add some blueberries to it.
Just the whip cream and your done !
I hope you give it a try :){{{HUGS}}} 

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