Saturday, September 10, 2011

How to make the base for my Haunted House Mini

So i have had a few requests for a tutorial on how to make my base. This is what you will need-
 med. weight chip board- 2 pcs. at 1 inch by 7 - 3/4 inch
1 pc. -at 4 by 7- 3/4 inches
1 sheet of black card stock
1 pc. of tyveck   ,needs to be long enough to coverone side of the chipboard pcs.
4- eyelets
ribbon or string
2 strips of Martha Stewert Halloween border punch (I don't know what its called my friend April sent them to me already cut) They were cut from lite weight card board
Black and bronze paint
Black Soot Distress ink (you can try other black inks, it needs to color the Tyveck)
Score Tape or red line tape

1 -Paint the fence with the black paint ,while still wet smudge some of the bronze paint on. ( Just a little )
2 - Ink all of the edges of the chip board with the black ink
3 - Construct the base
A)-Run tape on all edges of the 3 pcs. of chip board on both sides
B)- Line up all the chipboard pcs., 1inch-4inch-1inch
C)- Adhere the chip board to the Tyvek  - I glue 2 pcs. of scrap chipboard together and use it to space the chip board pcs. for easy folding.
D)- Rub the ink all over the attached tyvek then wipe with a paper towel to remove excess ink.
E)- Turn over and cover the other side with the black card stock
gently fold sides up
F)- Attach the fence pcs. with a wet glue to the 2 one inch sides on the tyvek side
G)- Punch 4 holes and add the eyelets.

I don't add the ribbon until  the mini is done and embellished . That way you get it the correct thickness.

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